Research on Kratom From South Africa

Kratom is a plant that belongs to the coffee family. It has been in use for many years in many parts of Southeast Asia due to its medicinal benefits. Some of its benefits are

  • pain relief,
  • boosting energy
  • Treating opioid withdrawal symptoms
  • treating diarrhea and cough

The popularity of kratom in South Africa is increasing due to such benefits. The need for studies is required for the purposes of safety and effectiveness of kratom. Some research has been conducted and documented although the majority of them involve the animals’ studies.

A study was conducted on ten men. The researcher gave the men either 2 Oz or 4 Oz of the kratom tea for seven days. At the end of the study period, it was found that among the users there was a positive increase in heart rates and blood pressure. These effects were recorded after eight hours upon consumption of the kratom tea. There were no serious negative side effects experienced apart from tongue numbness among some consumers.

Another research was done to outline the effect of kratom on the severity of pain and sleep. 170 regular kratom users were put under the study. Kratom consumption was then stopped during the study period. It was observed that 84% of the people in the study experienced moderate pain. 46% of the people reported more sleeping problems during the study period. The pain was worse among individuals who initially used to take four or more glasses of kratom juice or tea each day and vice versa. Negative side effects experienced due to the Kratom’s withdrawal included:

  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Hot flashes
  • Fever
  • Reduced appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain

Researchers in Malaysia did another study to illustrate the effect of kratom on blood chemistry. The study group involved 58 regular kratom users and 19 healthy non-kratom users. At the end of the study period, it was observed that the kratom users had both higher levels of low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein.  The same researchers published another paper suggesting that kratom use does not cause a change in the levels of testosterone.

In Oklahoma, in a study, doctors closely monitored a 42-year-old man who had a low sex drive, testosterone, energy, and increased levels of the prolactin. The man under the study was found to be a regular kratom user. After ceasing from using the kratom, it was found that the levels of his prolactin and testosterone returned to normal.

Another study involving a man who mixed kratom with the ADHD medication was conducted. The combination was associated with posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome.  The symptoms of this condition include raised blood pressure, headaches, visual disturbance, and seizures.
Some animal studies show that Mitragynine raises the blood pressure and is harmful to the heart. Other shows that it can impair learning. A case study involving a 25-year-old man who used to take one to two teaspoons per day was done. The man later increased the dose to four to six teaspoons per day. Five days after stopping taking the kratom, the man started developing symptoms of liver problems. Another study done in Florida found liver toxicity in a 38-year-old man. The symptoms later improved after the man stopped using kratom.

A 43-year-old South African man was using kratom in the management of opiate addiction. He decided to combine it with another drug known as modafinil since he did not experience significant alertness from kratom alone. The only negative side effect that he experienced is a runny nose only.

A study involving a 36-year-old man from Denver. It was conducted in 2014. The post-mortem of this man showed that the cause of his death was due to an apparent acute Mitragynine toxicity. His family reported that the deceased was a regular kratom user and as a result had developed the addiction.

Mitragynine clinical studies were conducted, published and titled “Biochemical Benefits, Diagnosis, and Clinical Risks Evaluation of Kratom”. The researchers suggest that kratom benefits outweigh its negative side effects. It was found that when used frequently and in large doses, life-threatening effects can result.

Another investigation in a 64-year-old man was done. He was using kratom in the treatment and management of the chronic pain. He developed seizures and later went into the coma after taking the kratom tea. These effects were associated with overdosing the product.

A systemic review of all studies on kratom use and mental health was conducted and published between the January 1960 and July 2017. At the end of the review, it was found that kratom, a substitute of opioid, is a potentially harmful substance that is prone to addiction among the users. It was also concluded that kratom relieves anxiety and boosts the mood among many consumers. The negative side effects of kratom mainly the withdrawal symptoms seem to be mild and less devastating as compared to those associated with opioids use.

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Another study was published in 2008 by Edward W. Boyer. He was a director of academic development at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston in the department of the Emergency Medicine. The study was about a 43-year-old man who substituted kratom for the opioid in the management of his pain. He used to take it four times a day and at the end of the study period, it was reported that his pain reduced significantly. The kratom did not either make him feel drowsy or cause any negative side effects.

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The popularity of kratom is creating much interest among the researchers. Many studies have been conducted to outline the benefits and any potential dangers associated with its use. Though many, a lot of more studies are required, in order to come up with the set-standard dosing regimen. Majority of the studies suggest that Kratom’s negative side effects are as a result of overdosing the product. Setting up the doses for each condition will greatly prevent this scenario. The nations through their government should dedicate more funds to the field of research if we are to accomplish overcoming the obstacles associated with kratom.

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