What is CBD Oil? How it Works, Health Benefits and Possible Risks or Side Effects

Within the rapidly growing cannabis industry, a new line of product seems to be rising in its midst. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is swiftly rising in popularity and people everywhere are dropping it in their tea, loading it in vape pens and even swallowing it as capsules. And though the product is extracted from marijuana plants, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects – and it won’t make you high.

But what exactly is CBD oil?

CBD oil is extracted from the resin glands of the marijuana (cannabis) flowers or buds. Unlike other marijuana products, this oil has a low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical compound that makes you high. That means you can reap all the benefits of medical marijuana, without getting high or psychotic.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 80+ cannabinoids available in the marijuana plant and is the second most significant cannabinoid in cannabis after THC. However, there are only a few traces of THC in hemp, making CBD the most dominant cannabinoid in this plant.

Industrial CBD oil is extracted from hemp, a fibrous type of cannabis plant with small buds and a low concentration of THC. This plant has about 0.3% or less concentration of THC, typically not enough to get you stoned or altering the sober state of your mind. The oil is can be diluted with other types of oils to change the concentration, depending on the intended use or the expected benefits.

How CBD Oil Works

Though many people don’t know it, the human body produces its own cannabinoids and it has two main receptors to allow you receive their benefits. These receptors are known as the CB1 and the CB2 receptors, making up the endocannabinoid system. The Cannabinoids in CBD oil attach themselves to these receptors, allowing you to receive all their benefits.

The CB1 receptors can be found all over your body, but they are highly concentrated in your brains. These receptors in your brain deal with pain, coordination and movement, memories, appetite, emotions, and mood. THC also attaches itself to these receptors to make you high.

On the other hand, the CB2 receptors can be found all over in your immune system. They effectively deal with pain and inflammation. Cannabidiol (CBD) attaches itself to these receptors and allows your body to receive a wide range of benefits, depending on its concentration.

Though CBD attaches itself to the CB2 receptors, it doesn’t directly act on them. Instead, it influences your body to naturally use its own cannabinoids in treating different ailments in your body. That makes CBD oil safer and a less controversial alternative to other medical marijuana products.

The Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Because of how CBD oil works in your body, it offers a wide range of benefits. Here are the top health benefits of using CBD oil as a natural remedy to different types of health conditions:

  • Naturally relieves pain and has anti-inflammatory properties

For many years, people have used over-the-counter and prescription drugs to relieve stiffness and all kinds of pain. However, scientists suggest that this may be a thing of the past, with the discovery of CBD. This non-psychoactive compound naturally lowers pain in your body and significantly reduces inflammation. It has also proved very effective in managing chronic pain.

  • Treats epilepsy and several other mental health conditions

CBD is known to have anti-seizure properties and its possible role in treating neuropsychiatric disorders and epilepsy is very impressive. Scientists suggest that the oil can be very effective in treating neuronal injuries, neurodegeneration and psychiatric disorders. Studies also show that this oil can be useful in treating schizophrenic patients. However, more research is needed to understand how cannabidiol works with different mental ailments.

  • Acne treatment

Acne treatment is another admirable benefit of CBD oil. This condition is mainly caused by the inflammation and overworking of the sebaceous glands in your body, resulting in overproduction of sebum. The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD partly results in the reduction of this condition and can be a very effective treatment.

  • Cure anxiety disorders

Though people with chronic anxiety disorders are highly advised to avoid cannabis, Neurotherapeutic scientists suggest that CBD may be the solution. That’s because CBD oil has a relaxation effect on your body, without directly affecting your brain activity. However, conventional marijuana has a high percentage of THC and it is known to increase paranoia and anxiety.

Researchers indicate that CBD is also helpful in reducing the effects of different anxiety disorders such as:

  • Panic disorder
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder

The Side Effects and Risks of Using CBD Oil

Due to its rise in popularity, many researchers and scientists have conducted studies focusing on the health risks of CBD oil and possible side effects. According to a report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), no health issues can be associated with the use of pure CBD in adults. This product also doesn’t show any potential dependence or addiction.

Different studies have also shown no significant side effects peoples mood, vital signs, and the central nervous system. However, a few people have reported nausea, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of weight or appetite. Tiredness has also been a common side effect in adults, but no conclusive research has been done on its effect on children.

CBD Oil In Canada

Canadians know the value of CBD and are experiencing a lot of benefits from it in Montreal.

Green Canada has been slowly making a name for themselves in the CBD industry.

Toronto, Canada buys a ton of cannabis oil and the CBD content is said to be high.

Overall this country really loves using it because it has a cultural aspect as well.

When using CBD oil alongside other forms of medications, different side effects have been noted, including liver toxicity and damage. Luckily, these effects have only been noted a small percentage of its users. This means you should consult a qualified medical practitioner to know whether the oil is compatible with your current form of medication.

Bottom Line:

Though CBD oil is not FDA approved in the treatment of any kind of ailment, its immense health benefits cannot be ignored. The oil can be used in different ways and it’s very easy to administer and receive all the benefits it has to offer. However, we advise consulting your physician before using it as an alternative treatment procedure for different ailments.

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Research on Kratom From South Africa

Kratom is a plant that belongs to the coffee family. It has been in use for many years in many parts of Southeast Asia due to its medicinal benefits. Some of its benefits are

  • pain relief,
  • boosting energy
  • Treating opioid withdrawal symptoms
  • treating diarrhea and cough

The popularity of kratom in South Africa is increasing due to such benefits. The need for studies is required for the purposes of safety and effectiveness of kratom. Some research has been conducted and documented although the majority of them involve the animals’ studies.

A study was conducted on ten men. The researcher gave the men either 2 Oz or 4 Oz of the kratom tea for seven days. At the end of the study period, it was found that among the users there was a positive increase in heart rates and blood pressure. These effects were recorded after eight hours upon consumption of the kratom tea. There were no serious negative side effects experienced apart from tongue numbness among some consumers.

Another research was done to outline the effect of kratom on the severity of pain and sleep. 170 regular kratom users were put under the study. Kratom consumption was then stopped during the study period. It was observed that 84% of the people in the study experienced moderate pain. 46% of the people reported more sleeping problems during the study period. The pain was worse among individuals who initially used to take four or more glasses of kratom juice or tea each day and vice versa. Negative side effects experienced due to the Kratom’s withdrawal included:

  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Hot flashes
  • Fever
  • Reduced appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain

Researchers in Malaysia did another study to illustrate the effect of kratom on blood chemistry. The study group involved 58 regular kratom users and 19 healthy non-kratom users. At the end of the study period, it was observed that the kratom users had both higher levels of low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein.  The same researchers published another paper suggesting that kratom use does not cause a change in the levels of testosterone.

In Oklahoma, in a study, doctors closely monitored a 42-year-old man who had a low sex drive, testosterone, energy, and increased levels of the prolactin. The man under the study was found to be a regular kratom user. After ceasing from using the kratom, it was found that the levels of his prolactin and testosterone returned to normal.

Another study involving a man who mixed kratom with the ADHD medication was conducted. The combination was associated with posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome.  The symptoms of this condition include raised blood pressure, headaches, visual disturbance, and seizures.
Some animal studies show that Mitragynine raises the blood pressure and is harmful to the heart. Other shows that it can impair learning. A case study involving a 25-year-old man who used to take one to two teaspoons per day was done. The man later increased the dose to four to six teaspoons per day. Five days after stopping taking the kratom, the man started developing symptoms of liver problems. Another study done in Florida found liver toxicity in a 38-year-old man. The symptoms later improved after the man stopped using kratom.

A 43-year-old South African man was using kratom in the management of opiate addiction. He decided to combine it with another drug known as modafinil since he did not experience significant alertness from kratom alone. The only negative side effect that he experienced is a runny nose only.

A study involving a 36-year-old man from Denver. It was conducted in 2014. The post-mortem of this man showed that the cause of his death was due to an apparent acute Mitragynine toxicity. His family reported that the deceased was a regular kratom user and as a result had developed the addiction.

Mitragynine clinical studies were conducted, published and titled “Biochemical Benefits, Diagnosis, and Clinical Risks Evaluation of Kratom”. The researchers suggest that kratom benefits outweigh its negative side effects. It was found that when used frequently and in large doses, life-threatening effects can result.

Another investigation in a 64-year-old man was done. He was using kratom in the treatment and management of the chronic pain. He developed seizures and later went into the coma after taking the kratom tea. These effects were associated with overdosing the product.

A systemic review of all studies on kratom use and mental health was conducted and published between the January 1960 and July 2017. At the end of the review, it was found that kratom, a substitute of opioid, is a potentially harmful substance that is prone to addiction among the users. It was also concluded that kratom relieves anxiety and boosts the mood among many consumers. The negative side effects of kratom mainly the withdrawal symptoms seem to be mild and less devastating as compared to those associated with opioids use.

Buying Kratom In South Africa

Making an online purchase of Kratom for those that live in South Africa is actually quite easy.

We recommend going to PureKratom.co.za which is probably the best website for reviewing various Kratom products.

If you buy Kratom near a South African city, you are going to be glad you did.

Another study was published in 2008 by Edward W. Boyer. He was a director of academic development at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston in the department of the Emergency Medicine. The study was about a 43-year-old man who substituted kratom for the opioid in the management of his pain. He used to take it four times a day and at the end of the study period, it was reported that his pain reduced significantly. The kratom did not either make him feel drowsy or cause any negative side effects.

There are many different shops near Pretoria, South Africa, that offer a lot of flexibility when purchasing Kratom.

The popularity of kratom is creating much interest among the researchers. Many studies have been conducted to outline the benefits and any potential dangers associated with its use. Though many, a lot of more studies are required, in order to come up with the set-standard dosing regimen. Majority of the studies suggest that Kratom’s negative side effects are as a result of overdosing the product. Setting up the doses for each condition will greatly prevent this scenario. The nations through their government should dedicate more funds to the field of research if we are to accomplish overcoming the obstacles associated with kratom.

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Why People Are Using CBD Oil For Their Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

-Multiple sclerosis may cause other fatal conditions. They include:

  • Body muscles becomes rigid
  • May lead partial and complete paralysis
  • May lead to epilepsy
  • May lead to depression
  • May reduce mental capacity among many other effects

cbd oil and ms

How is multiple sclerosis treated with CBD?

This disease is treated through differential diagnosis.  These are just a few reasons people are taking cbd oil for multiple sclerosis. This is the only way since multiple sclerosis does not have a specific medical test.  Several treatment options are available, among them being;

  • Physical therapy

This is mostly used for patients who portrays symptoms of disabled mobility, this helps in strengthening the affected muscles.

  • Muscle relaxants

This is the kind of medication preferably used to the people with symptoms of sudden muscle contractions especially in the legs. Most commonly used drug is baclofen.

  • Use of fatigue relievers
  • Use of CBD oil

What is CBD oil?

This has drawn attention in the field of medicine. CBD oil is one of the 2 major compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. The other compound is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Due to the believe that is held by people towards the use of cannabis and cannabis products, that it has psychoactive elements, CBD products have been generally frowned upon for long. People have mixed reactions on the substance. For this reason, the manufacture and use of CBD oil is illegal in many parts of the world.

How CBD works

When CBD oil is taken, it affects the endocannabinoid system receptors which maintain stable body homeostasis. They affect both CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are responsible for maintaining good brain and nervous system health. CB2 receptors enhance the immune system.

The CB1 and CB2 receptors are triggered by the activity of the body cannabinoids. They increase the production of the natural cannabinoids. This leads to enhanced activity of the endocannabinoid system which in turn enhances the healing cycle. CBD oil is not psychoactive and this means it has no effect to the brain as THC does. CBD has been proven to be effective for number of uses in the body. They include:

  • Helps to fight nausea and vomiting
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduces seizure
  • Prevents cancer
  • Helps fight anxiety
  • Has pain relieving ability

This is not a complete list, we might add.

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NuLeaf Naturals Review – Is This The Best CBD Oil?

Brief Background

NuLeaf Naturals is actually among the best hemp company founded in the country. A group of aficionados who advocate for plant-based medicine founded NuLeaf in 2014. Since then, they have committed themselves to superior quality and service in order to bring superior-grade CBD and CBD oil products to the public. You are guaranteed that the CBD oil and other CBD products you buy from NuLeaf are organic, all-natural, and tested in the lab before sold to people.


NuLeaf’s vision is to introduce a cannabinoid wellness product line that encourages not just healthy living but also promotes a healthy mind and body. It is a holistic approach that they lay on the table, something that is not a common practice in the industry. They aim not just to relieve the symptoms of patients suffering from some terminal condition but enable them to live a happier and healthier life.


What’s in a NuLeaf CBD Oil and what makes them special?

CBD products made by NuLeaf are derived from specially bred therapeutic strains of hemp (Cannabis Sativa) that is grown in Colorado, known to be the home of medical cannabis. They grow the hemp in licensed farms there so they have a rich supply of hemp for their CBD oil and other CBD products that are made of the whole plant extracts and not just mere isolates. Farmers observe organic and sustainable practices in farming to produce only the best possible cannabis they ever can.


The CBD products sold by NuLeaf have excellent potency and consistency that is unrivaled by any other CBD product in the market today. The company takes advantage of state-of-the-art engineering processes that enable them to manufacture full-spectrum CBD. This is a striking contrast to isolates that are often sold by competing brands.


The nutrients are taken from the hemp plant by the use of the CO2 extraction method. The unique thing about this process is heat or solvents were never used without sacrificing the entirety of the CBD spectrum taken and processed in the making of NuLeaf’s own brand of CBD oil and other CBD products.

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Otronodexerion Returns

Otronodexerion Returns to welcome you back.

The Xerion Band has always been trying to get you to come to the official site.

“O trono de xerion” has long been the phrase used to describe our brand- and now we intend to make good on it.

Otrnodexerion CBD Oil is going to become one of the top suppliers in the US.

If you would like to try some, please get in touch with us.

This is the Xerion Band’s homepage and we hope you enjoy it. Our tours and music has been successful so far, especially ever since we ever started embracing it in this new way.

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